Yung Juse releases new single, “Luz Vermelha” together with the EP “Rio Tinto, Porto, Portugal”

“Luz Vermelha” follows the single “Brilho” and features the rapper’s debut EP, “Rio Tinto, Porto, Portugal”.

“Luz Vermelha” is the 3rd single from Yung Juse’s debut EP “Rio Tinto, Porto, Portugal”, after “PARANÓIA”, produced by Chaylan, and “Brilho” produced by 7teen, Yung Juse is back with a new single, “Luz Vermelha” the full release of the EP Rio Tinto, Porto, Portugal which has two more songs “Estrela” and “Obra Prima”.

After much anticipation, the young rapper Yung Juse has just made his debut EP available on all digital platforms, entitled “Rio Tinto, Porto, Portugal”. This is an EP that intends to honor his birthplace, Rio Tinto.

A very intimate project for the rapper with autobiographical references and a clear and evident tribute to Rio Tinto, where he shares his experiences through his storytelling ability. His selection of beats is definitely unique and innovative for the entire Portuguese trap scene and provides a unique feel when combined with his groovy flows.

This inimitable character is clearly present in the first singles taken from “Rio Tinto, Porto, Portugal”, namely “PARANÓIA”, produced by Chaylan, “Brilho” and the most recent “Luz Vermelha”.

The EP concludes with the themes “Estrela” and “Obra prima”.
Yung Juse made himself known to the Portuguese public in mid-2020 with the hit “Tou Na Festa” in collaboration with his partner and colleague Joint One, which was the perfect introduction for both of them to the hip-hop scene, having accumulated about 9 million streams. Other hits followed, such as “MONEYPUXAMONEY”, also in collaboration with Joint One and which already has more than 3 million streams on digital platforms.

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