YUNGBLUD releases a fierce new single, ‘The Emperor’

It will be part of YUNGBLUD’s third (and eponymous) album, available for pre-order at FNAC with an item autographed by the musician.

Acclaimed and award-winning British musician YUNGBLUD has just released his latest single entitled ‘The Emperor‘. This triumphant and fierce theme comes at a time when it is announced that the single has been selected as the official anthem for the 2022 ESPN College Football Season. In the past, artists such as Imagine Dragons (Natural), Juice WRLD (Come & Go), and Thirty Seconds to Mars (Walk on Water) have been chosen to give music to this major television campaign.

It is a great honor to have my song The Emperor chosen as ESPN’s college football season anthem. I wrote this song when I was seventeen, it was just a burst of unfiltered energy that I knew would one day have its moment. For years I played it live, but I never found the right time to release it until now. College football is such a big part of American culture and all I want to do is bring energy to people, so I can’t wait for the song to bring that energy to fans and players at games all season long.” – YUNGBLUD

This energy was felt by Portuguese fans when YUNGBLUD performed at Campo Pequeno, in Lisbon, on April 30th, before an ecstatic audience, which received the British artist.

Rarely appears an artist like YUNGBLUD, who has undeniably become the rock’n’roll symbol of Generation Z. Advocating, from the beginning and fearlessly, for the weird, crazy, and marginalized of the world, YUNGBLUD has amassed legions of dedicated fans, who crowd their sold-out shows every night and scream every word of their songs as if their lives depend on it. With collaborations from rock legends like Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Jones, and Dave Grohl, YUNGBLUD’s trajectory looks brighter and more exciting than ever before.

On September 2nd, YUNGBLUD will release their long-awaited self-titled studio album [Locomotion/Geffen Records]. The album includes fan-acclaimed singles such as ‘The Funeral’, ‘Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today’, and ‘Memories’ Ft. Willow. “YUNGBLUD“, the album, is available for pre-order at FNAC with an exclusive and limited item, autographed by the musician himself.

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