Zapata by Chakall opens in Porto

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On the 16th of May, the gastrobar Zapata by Chakall opened in soft opening.

In the heart of the city of Porto, a new space with the intense flavors that transport us on a memorable trip to Mexico. An idea by Miguel Camões that was joined by the talent of Chef Chakall. A duo that promises to surprise.

Miguel Camões, responsible for several spaces in the City Porto and Póvoa de Varzim (The Gin House, The Royal
Cocktail Club, Vermuteria da Baixa, Bierhaus, Plastic and Pizzaiolo) launched at the end of 2021 the challenge to Chef Chakall and thus was born, on Rua Cândido dos Reis, in Porto, the Gastrobar Mexicano Zapata by Chakall.

To Miguel’s experience, in the most varied spaces to the north, joins the profusion of flavors that come out of the hands of Chakall and the duo bet on a bold space, although cozy, in a good location within the city of Porto and embossed for a quality-adjusted priced letter of the products used and the dishes served.

Although Chakall hails from Tigre, Argentina, he likes lots of mexican food. He traveled in his youth by motorcycle alone in Latin America and came to work some seasons in Mexico where he often went to do
showcookings and other events and is very familiar with with the country’s cuisine.

Although in Portugal he is based mainly in Lisbon, where he lives, Chakall confesses that he loves the city of Porto, he likes Miguel a lot – personally and professionally -, and he genuinely likes Mexican flavors: thus, the fundamental elements were gathered to move forward with the project. .

“After the opening of La Susy by Chakall, in Gaia, which is, in addition to a tribute to my mother, a tribute to my country of origin and my roots, this was in fact the best concept to open in Porto”, he confesses. the most Portuguese Argentinian chef in memory.

Zapata by Chakall is not classic Tex-Mex. Here, the emphasis is on genuine flavors, sharing (after all, such a Latin characteristic) and also the excellent cocktails on offer. In fact, according to Chakall, the dishes are closely linked to Mexican drinks and Zapata by Chakall has one of the best, if not the best, collection of Tequila and Mezcal on Portuguese soil.

And why Zapata? Chakall replies: “Emiliano Zapata was a leader in the 1910 Mexican Revolution against
dictatorship of Porfírio Diaz and is, until today, considered a of Mexican heroes. I, who love history, admired
Zapata since childhood. I had no doubts about the name, nor by one second!”

From the menu, Chakall highlights one of his favorites, Mole Poblano con Frango (Chicken with Chocolate Sauce)
bitter, served with rice) and adds that in addition to Mexican dishes, you can also find other flavors from other parts of Latin America in a vision widest range of gastronomy at that point in the Globe.

It will therefore come as no surprise that the famous Empanadas Argentinas have a permanent place on the menu, or even some notes that mix the cuisine of Latin America with the Middle East, a strong influence on the
flavors and gastronomy of Latin countries, but also in Chakall’s life and kitchen.

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