Zara G proves that its artistic product is increasingly refined

“Zaza” marks Zara G’s return to solo releases after the revelation of Modo Superstar, an album she released alongside Progvid last March — a month in which the Vialonga rapper already previewed her next single on social media.

This time with SUAVEYOUKNOW in production, “Zaza” consolidates the aesthetic that the Wet Bed Gang member has been pursuing solo under the editorial roof of Virgin Music Portugal. With a minimalist but no less electrifying melodic line, it booms powerful beats that give strength to yet another irresistible chorus.

Just as he guarantees precisely in this chorus, the creative product of Lizandro Silva — who just over a month ago stepped onto the stage at Altice Arena, on behalf of WBG, on the occasion of the New Gang festival — is increasingly refined and appealing.

And, at the same time, “Zaza” brings new angles and different approaches to a topic so often discussed by the rapper who has been truly consistent in his rise in his own right, since the beginning of his enviable career. Now, added to this charisma, his artistic maturity has given him a much more noticeable maturity in terms of identity, thanks to themes such as “Zaza” that stamp an unmistakable seal on the most recent repertoire of the Portuguese-Cape Verdean artist.

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