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Zé Maria, presented his album “Zé Maria”


Zé Maria, one of the most promising voices of fado, when he entered the CCB’s Small Auditorium, had already conquered the room, the fans who filled the room, already knew his songs, had already surrendered to the fado singer, a night that the fado singer he certainly won’t forget, but neither will the public.

It was with “Revelação“, set to music by Mário Pacheco followed by “A Ponte dos Desejos” that the concert began, it was an emotional fado singer who addressed the audience “Thank you very much, it is a great joy and emotion to be here tonight, thank you to everyone for coming, including those who are watching through streaming, to the Fado Museum. and to the CCB for this invitation, it is a great joy to be here“.

Zé Maria > CCB ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.02.26

Zé Maria then sang one of the first fados that he sang, and that has accompanied him, in the words of the artist, a short journey that took him to the CCB that night, “O Arraial“.

With the seal of the Museu do Fado Discos, the first album is full of heartfelt but also joyful compositions, of a mature and traditional fado, which dazzles from the first chord, of originals signed by Carminho, Mário Pacheco, Pedro de Castro, Tiago Torres da Silva and by the fado singer himself, who have toured some of the most emblematic Fado houses in Lisbon.

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Zé Maria, on the subject of the album of which he is the author, mentioned that “it is a beautiful example of how music and art, beautiful things, are better if they are built together, with a joint effort, and from now on with the help from these brilliant musicians“, who accompanied him on the record and on stage, on the Portuguese guitar by Pedro de Castro, also responsible for the musical production of the record, by João Filipe on the fado viola, and Francisco Gaspar on the bass guitar.

The fado singer also stated that “one thing that has always impressed me a lot in fado, and that was even a little at the origin of wanting to be a fado singer, was this quality that fado has to be so intimate, and you can see it in fado houses, and in traditional fado, fado allows a great opening of heart between who is singing and who is listening, and a very true and deep sharing“.

Zé Maria > CCB ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.02.26

Zé Maria, also said that he was incorporating other musical styles, and Brazilian music, especially bossa nova, saying that it was very important in his musical career, and sang, with music by Tom Jobim and lyrics by Vinícius de Morais, “Por toda a noite” a song that always touched him a lot, and that gained new meaning when he met his wife.

Born and raised in Lisbon, in a family where he had early contact with Fado and the Arts, he embraced Painting that fills his days, while at night he dazzles singing, in Fado houses in Lisbon.

It was with a fado by Frei Hermano da Camara, that Zé Maria was going to finish his performance at the CCB, a fado that according to him translates a lot of his way of being in fado, but of course, the public that applauded him from the first minute, want more, the fado singer returned, to toast the public with two more fados, ending with “A Ponte dos Desejos” this night of excellent music.

Disc setlist

  • Mas Falta Escrever na Lua
  • Revelação
  • A Ponte dos Desejos
  • Papoilas [Corrido do Mestre Zé]
  • Já Soube um Dia a Maneira [Fado Pajem]
  • Túnica Negra
  • As Ondas
  • Sempre que Lisboa Canta
  • Tudo me Deixa [Fado Camélia]
  • Com Duas Cantigas [Fado Alcântara]
  • Se Assim Fosse
  • Por Toda A Minha Vida

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