‘Zé Pedro Rock n’Roll’ wins award at festival in the USA

“Zé Pedro Rock n’Roll”, which premiered in late July in Portuguese theaters, about two and a half years after the guitarist’s death, won last year, the Doclisboa Festival Audience Award.

The film also won the Merit Award at the Accolade Global Film Competition and the Impact Docs Awards, also in the United States of America, in addition to the awards for best documentary and best feature film, at the Salto festivals, in Uruguay, Mabig, in Germany, and at the Best Istanbul Film Fest, in Turkey.

The Silicon Beach Film Festival is held annually in West Los Angeles, dominated by the technology and entertainment industry.

Directed by Diogo Varela Silva, “Zé Pedro Rock n’Roll” crosses several testimonies from friends, brothers, nephews, all elements of Xutos & Pontapés and many of the musicians with whom the guitarist met.

Excerpts from interviews and testimonies by the musician, images from the archives of concerts and rehearsals by Xutos & Pontapés, records of the life of the Johnny Guitar club, stage and meeting point in Lisbon for dozens of musicians, and pieces of radio programs in which Zé Pedro participated.

José Pedro Amaro dos Santos Reis – Zé Pedro – died on November 30, 2017, at the age of 61.

The relationship with music came from a young age, influenced by his father, and one of the memories is a trip to the Cascais Jazz festival, in his teens, which is remembered in the documentary.

In the documentary, health problems arising from excesses with drugs and alcohol, liver transplantation and stage life are recalled.

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