ZERO looks forward to a 100% electric future

The Sustainable Land System Association – ZERO – wants to make all TVDE 100% electric by 2025

TVDE have to avoid contributing heavily to air pollution, a T&E study with ZERO shows that in Portugal it is already cheaper to operate electric vehicles than to use diesel.

A coalition of non-governmental environmental organizations from Germany, Belgium, Spain, the United States of America, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and now also involving ZERO in Portugal has been developing the campaign on the environmental costs of the many kilometers driven by TVDE vehicles (individual and remunerated passenger transport in vehicles not featured on an electronic platform), with particular emphasis on the largest company, Uber.

This campaign aims to inform citizens and authorities in big cities like Lisbon about the costs of pollution increased by this type of transport, calling for the need to use only zero-emission cars as TVDE vehicles. The goal is that in Europe this will be achieved by 2025.

Electric vehicles are becoming an attractive commercial proposition for high mileage vehicle operators like Uber, in the main European Union capitals like Lisbon, Paris, Berlin and Madrid, reveals a new study by the European Transport and Environment Federation ( T&E) that also involved ZERO in the approach to data related to Lisbon.

According to the European Environment Agency, air pollution is the biggest risk to environmental health in Europe. People living in polluted cities are at greater risk with Covid-19, as the European Alliance for Public Health has warned.

The transport sector is Europe’s biggest climate problem. Cars in the EU27 emit 45% of all transport carbon emissions. In Portugal, and excluding international aviation and maritime traffic, 96% of emissions are associated with road transport.

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