Zero welcomes decision not to advance the Fridão dam

The environmental association Zero today welcomed the government’s decision not to move forward with the Fridão dam on the Tâmega river, considering that its construction constituted “considerable risk to the population.

This dam, awarded to EDP under a National Program of Dams with High Hydroelectric Potential (PNBEPH), approved by the Government in 2007, the subject of an environmental impact study that enabled the work, already had a declaration of environmental impact successively extended which from a technical and political and even legal point of view was meaningless compared to more than a decade in which environmental, social and economic circumstances have changed considerably, “Zero said.

In a statement, the Sustainable Terrestrial System Association (Zero) welcomed the decision announced today in parliament by the Minister of Environment and Energy Transition, stating that the Fridão dam on the Tâmega river will not be built, nor will there be reasons for the reimbursement of any amount to EDP.

For Zero, it is a dam “whose water quality would be inadequate, practically for an exclusive purpose for hydroelectric production, but with low doubtful profitability“.

The association also notes that the construction of the dam constituted “a considerable risk for downstream populations“.

Zero also recalls that many of the dams built in Portugal in the last decade were “unfortunately largely a result of a political process to deal with the budget deficit at that time with considerable environmental damage and dubious formulas for the profitability of hydroelectric production.

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