Zurich launches insurance management app for clients

Zurich has just launched Zurich4You, an app developed to make customers’ daily lives simpler, immediate, and convenient, as it allows real-time consultation of all information related to Zurich insurance.

The application reinforces the digital relationship between customers and Zurich and represents a strong commitment to speed, accessibility, and personalization. Zurich4You is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Available for IOS and Android devices, the app is yet another channel for communicating customers’ digital journey with Zurich.

Through Zurich4You, Zurich customers can access a set of features at the click of a button, such as having an integrated view of their policies, requesting assistance requests from Zurich HelpPoint, taking part in a claim just four steps, generate ATM references for insurance payments and contact the Zurich network mediators.

Artur Lucas, Director of Marketing and Communication at Zurich Portugal, points out that “Zurich4You is one of our commitments with the simplification and dematerialization of processes, allowing the reduction of the response time to the client, the optimization of our operations and our network. mediation, as well as the contribution to a low carbon economy. Our new application makes Zurich, intermediaries and customers more sustainable”.

And he adds: “In our omnichannel, customers can interact with us according to their wishes, hence we have fully integrated online and offline channels”.

Zurich4You is a new moment of relationship, trust and interaction between Zurich and its customers, but also the continuation of the bet on #ZurichExperience, which aims to continuously improve the customer journey in all contact points the value chain: mediator, assistance, claims management, providers and relationship with the brand.

The application allows Zurich to minimize its environmental impact, reduce its carbon footprint, contribute to a carbon neutral economy and reinforce its commitment to sustainable development, providing a balanced world for future generations.

By consulting the documentation in digital format and consequently reducing the use of paper and prints, customers also have the opportunity to acquire a more sustainable lifestyle and protect the planet.

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