Diogo Piçarra and Irma at Lisboa ao Palco

Another great night of Lisboa ao Palco with Diogo Piçarra and Irma

The project LISBOA AO PALCO at Quinta da Alfarrobeira, an initiative of the Lisbon City Council, EGEAC with the Parish Council of São Domingos de Benfica, and Sons em Transito with Tejo Music Lab, started on September 11 and runs until 4 October, counting 10 nights and 20 concerts, with two artists per night in a program with the signature of the musician and producer Diogo Clemente.

The enclosure has a capacity reserved for about 600 seats complying with all the rules of social distance, hygiene, and safety set by the General Directorate of Health. Since the beginning of the cycle, lots of big names took the stage of Lisboa ao Palco like Joana Espadinha, David Fonseca, António Zambujo, Buba Espinho, GNR, Cordel, Moonspell, Murais, HMB, Matay, Carolina Deslandes, Maro, Miroca Paris, Tainá and Bárbara Tinoco.

Last Friday was the turn of Diogo Piçarra and Irma to take the stage.

Irma, known for the various roles she played as a fictional actress on various national channels, recently debuted in her own name with her first single “Da Mesma Pele”, a song that, in the artist’s words “tells a story of love that doesn’t live. A story that has everything to have a happy ending but that is on different pages for each one. Irma was born in Lisbon but her identity reflects a strong influence of Angolan culture as Angola was the country of origin of her grandparents, with whom she grew up. At the age of 12, she inherited a guitar from her mother, which she never stopped exploring while venturing into songwriting.

The artist took the stage of Lisbon ao Palco at 8:45 pm accompanied by Gui Salgueiro on the keyboards, Francisco Sales on the guitar, Rui Pedro Pity on the bass, and André Silva on the percussion.

This month, Irma will release her debut album entitled “Primavera“, the first song is called “Coração” and we had the chance to hear it during the concert, as well as “Monami“, the latest single “A Qualquer Hora”, “Alfazema”, and her version of the song “Fado Xuxu” by the fado singer Amália Rodrigues.

At 10 pm it was Diogo Piçarra’s turn to enchant the audience with the sound of “Querer-te Nunca é Demais”, “Dialeto”, “Já Não Falamos”, songs that we all already know by heart.

We also heard “Noites”, “Até Ao Fim” song he made with Agir, “Escuro” which for Diogo is his favorite song of the album due to the lyrics and intensity, talking about sensitive themes like depression and loneliness, we also heard “Só Existo Contigo” with Diogo solo on the guitar, “Volta” from 2014, and “Diferente“.

Diogo Piçarra is one of the biggest names in Portuguese music today. He stood out as a guitarist for the band Fora da Boia and also for his vocal and compositional qualities and when he realized that music was his real goal, he sought recognition and applied for several talent programs.

He won the talent show Ídolos in 2012 and from then on he never stopped. In 2015, he released his debut album, “Espelho”, from which several themes emerged that were successful in telenovelas, campaigns, etc. In April 2017, he released his second album, written and composed by Diogo Piçarra himself. One of the singles on the album, “História“, ended up becoming gold singles. Both albums topped the Portuguese album chart in their respective release weeks.

He also won several awards such as “Best Portuguese Act” by MTV 2018, and is a mentor of the talent show The Voice Portugal for the second consecutive year.


The cycle of Lisboa ao Palco ended with Pedro Abrunhosa and Elisa Rodrigues on the 4th of October.

Quinta da Alfarrobeira is an emblematic place. When João Frederico Ludovice designed, built, and inhabited this farm, from 1748 onwards, he would never have imagined that, about three centuries later, it would become a space that aims to bring together and bring citizens closer to local power, giving form political, social and cultural intervention that is much more direct and closer to people: here you can attend classes at the São Domingos Academy or attend cultural events, such as Lisboa ao Palco, which marks the musical rental in Lisbon, within the normality possible in this period of pandemic, while everyone, artists and public, await the day when the shows will return to full function.

The cycle is an initiative of CM Lisboa and EGEAC, with the support of the São Domingos de Benfica Parish Council, produced by Sons em Trânsito and Tejo Music Lab, with the aim of signaling this return to the stage as well as celebrating the richness and diversity of Portuguese music. Diogo Clemente was in charge of programming.



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