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Profjam, Diogo Piçarra, Plutónio and Sam the Kid the Kings of the third day at Caparica

O Sol da Caparica Festival

The Festival O Sol da Caparica completed its third day, Diogo Piçarra, Plutónio and Sam the Kid were the highlights, but Cuca Roseta, Ivandro and Soraia Ramos the queen and princes who conquered Caparica.

On this third day of the festival, on the Comédia stage, Mangope, Vasco Elvas, and Hugo Sousa were present, who cheered up the audience while they waited for the main stage, which started with Nuno Ribeiro, followed by Cuca Roseta, who brought fado to the festival, very cherished by the public of all ages who attended to sing with the fado singer.

On stage Super Bock was then marked by Profjam, who with his energy, alone filled the stage, and infected the entire venue, followed by one of the most awaited stars of the night, Diogo Piçarra, who had not yet entered the stage and hearts were already pounding, and Diogo, did not leave the credits in the hands of others, with several interactions with the public, coming down from the stage to the delight of the fans, he sang his many hits accompanied by the crowd that watched.

Plutónio was the star that followed, with a stage full of friends, the hip-hop that came from Bairro da Cruz Vermelha to Costa da Caparica, the Mozambican musician, conquered a full venue who sang with him and knew all his lyrics.

Sam the Kid was the one who closed the main stage, at dawn, with the Orelha Negra and an orchestra on stage, he was also accompanied by Bispo, NBC, and Mundo Segundo, among other friends, who helped to make it even more magical, one of the most anticipated concerts.

But it wasn’t just the main stage that aroused interest, on the Jazzy stage, performances that won over the audience were performed, by Latin Attitude, Jazzy Dance Crew, and Showmen, on the Unlock Energy stage, shone into the dawn, Afrokillerz, Zanova, and Karetus.

But it was on the Free Now stage, which surprised only the most inattentive, that some of the best concerts of the day were attended, Karyna Gomes was the first to go on stage, the daughter of a Guinean father and a Cape Verdean mother, she began her musical career in 1997 in the Brazilian gospel choir Rejoicing Mass in São Paulo, the city where she studied journalism. She presented themes, among others, from her latest album at Caparica, which has the cabaça de tina as one of the central instruments of her music, a traditional instrument based on the 17th-century female culture of the first cities of Guinea-Bissau.

Kady the Cape Verdean singer, owner of a sweet but strong voice, entered nest on stage, alone and soon won over the audience that was waiting for her, she took four friends with her, Silvia Barros, Miss Bi, Soluna and Mayela and together in a concert full of “Girl Power“, they delighted the many fans who attended, with the audience singing in chorus “Diz Só“, a song that Kady took to Festival da Canção 2020, with the signature of Dino D’Santiago and Kalaf Epalanga.

Mário Marta, an artist of Cape Verdean and Guinean origin, was the man who followed, pre-nominated in several categories for the Cape Verde Music Awards 2022, and showed on stage the reason for so many nominations.

The Free Now stage, then, had one of its biggest attendances, Ivandro arrived and conquered, after having been in O Sol da Caparica, by the hand of Bispo, this time he was one of the main presences of the secondary stage, and it was he who invited Bispo, with him to amaze the many fans who were there to see them.

Soraia Ramos was the artist that followed, winner in 2010 of the “Vozes da Diaspora” contest, unsurprisingly, conquered a space of fans, who accompanied her, in chorus, from beginning to end and continues to add fans to each concert or launch in the social networks.

It was Branko who closed the Free Now stage, a Portuguese DJ and producer who became known as part of Buraka som Sistema, who made his music available to fans, who listened and danced to his songs.

What you can see today:

Free Now stage

  • Dynamo
  • Cláudia Pascoal
  • T-Rex
  • Chico da Tina
  • Cuca Monga
  • Bateu Matou

Super Bock stage

  • António Zambujo
  • Mafalda Veiga
  • Nelson Martins
  • PoesiaAcustica
  • Bispo
  • Mishlawi
  • Dillaz

Unlock Energy stage

  • Tiger Lewis
  • Kevu
  • Kura

Jazzy stage

  • Jazzy Dance kids Crew
  • Lil Malaikes kids
  • Battle All Syles
  • Jazzy Intensive
  • Jazzy Dance Crew
  • Funk Fest c/Yayaa

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