Fixando analyzed the current and future of the tertiary sector

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The confinement proved to be dramatic for several sectors in the service area, although for others it turned out to be an opportunity to attract new customers and expand and transform the business.

Fixando, the largest national platform for contracting services, analyzed the market and the results are surprising.

The welfare sector, which initially suffered a crash, ended up having a boom in the face of the first confinement, registering a growth of 342%, at a time when almost everything can be done online.

In areas such as psychology and personal training, there is a 695% growth, due to the adaptation to online and consumers’ concern to adopt a healthier lifestyle in the face of the constant danger that the pandemic brought to the health of the Portuguese.

This is followed by the technical assistance sector which, taking into account the fact that the Portuguese spend more time at home and, consequently, use their appliances more, there was an increase in the order of 150% when compared to the pre-pandemic figures.

Among the most affected sectors, events is in 1st place, whose losses were drastic and, in some situations, resulted in the bankruptcy and closing of several businesses. The estimated breakages in the order of € 765m, are reflected in a decrease of more than 85% in transactions, all as a result of the strict restrictions that were never lifted.

The domestic services sector, which is also at risk, has professionals who lost, on average, 40% of their customers, as a result of the insecurity felt by the Portuguese when opening the doors of their homes to elements outside the household.

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