‘Perfeitos Desconhecidos’ at Maria Matos in August with news in the cast

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Rita Brütt, Rita Cruz, and Rui Unas join Carla Maciel, Filipe Vargas, Martinho Silva, and Samuel Alves in ‘Perfeitos Desconhecidos’ during the month of August.
The show continues on the scene at Theater Maria Matos from Thursday to Sunday.
Tickets are for sale on the ticketline, theater ticket and habitual sites.

We all have a secret life.
A group of longtime friends organizes a dinner. The hostess proposes a game: each leaves the mobile phone on the table and every message or call that arrives is read and heard by all, after all among friends there are no secrets.
Does anyone have something to hide? Have we played?
From this moment the surprises and turnarounds succeed in a spiral.
Alternating between drama and comedy, the secrets of each will be revealed, at the end of the night nothing will be like before and friends discover that they are, after all, perfect unknown.

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