Dame Products wants to sell technology vibrators in Portugal

Dame Products, a North American tech that has a line of female vibrators, admits to market its products in Portugal, said co-founder Alexandra Fine, who launched the company in partnership with a mechanical engineer.

Alexandra Fine was one of the Web Summit attendees, where she participated in a panel on technology in sex, which addressed the use of technological paraphernalia, aimed at female sexuality as a way to empower women and also the constraints in this area.

According to Forbes, the release of the first two ‘toys’ from Dame Products “broke the crowdfunding records,” with Eva, a female handsfree vibrator to be the sexiest toy of all time, a success story in terms of the crowdfunding campaign. ”

Alexandra Fine, who is a sexologist, told how everything started and bring to market her products in Portugal.

“Dame Products began five years ago, I wanted to create a line of sex toys” that the woman could use during sex with her partner and combat the lack of pleasure in sex.

“Studies point out that women claim four times more than men that sex has not given them pleasure in the last year,” Alexandra Fine continued, stressing that the idea was to create something that would “solve” the lack of pleasure in relationships.

“I wanted to create a product aimed at women with vulva and to allow them to have pleasure” and thus Eva was born, “that allows the control of stimulation,” he said.

Between this idea and finding the right partner for the business lasted about seven months when the life of Alexandra Fine met with Janet Lieberman, mechanical engineer of MIT, who also wanted to start with a similar project.

That was a step and six months later they managed to raise “675 thousand dollars [589 thousand euros, at the current exchange rate] in 45 days” and obtain “6 thousand pre-orders,” added the co-founder.

“It was such a success: we went from a silly idea to the actual realization of a company,” he continued, noting that the sending of orders began in February / March 2015.

Dame Products also succeeded Kickstarter, considered one of the largest creative project financing platforms, to change its internal policy and accept the company. First, they were rejected, then they finally got on the platform and raised about half a million dollars in 30 days.

“We sell our products”, at this time three, “in the United States, Australia and in some countries in Europe,” said Alexandra Fine.

Asked if she would like to market her ‘toys’ in the Portuguese market, the entrepreneur said: “Yes.”

But for that, he said, you’re going to have to find distributors.

To date, Dame Products has sold “over 100,000” female vibrators and the pace of growth “is doubling year by year.”

However, we still have “immense challenges”, one of them is regulatory and has to do with the fact that ‘sex toys’ cannot be targeted by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others.

“It is a toy and a tool that a woman can use to feel better about herself, there is nothing immoral about it, we are not selling weapons. I think what is inherent in that sexual femininity is scary for man and that is the issue, “he concluded.

Alexandra Fine argues that the technology can be humanized and an example of this is Dame Products, which aims to create products intended to be used with the partner and add “an extra” to the relationship.

“Technology allows us to make better and more adapted tools” to people and that is an advantage, he said.

The presence this year at the Web Summit was positive as it demonstrates that people “are beginning to realize the value” of Dame Products, “because it creates value.”

In addition, “being here [at the Web Summit] is validating the business” and makes it “more credible.”

Asked about what obstacles she feels like a woman in this area of business, Alexandra Fine pointed out that the #Metoo movement has changed a lot, but much more there is yet to do.

After #Metoo “two things happened,” he said. On the one hand, there were investors interested in the company for speaking “honestly about sex”.

On the other hand, there were those who said: “that you can not talk about sex in the workplace” and ended the conversation.

“When we do not talk about sex we leave sexuality in the alley, which is where it happens. If you are only allowed to speak inside doors, what happens inside doors” will continue in silence, he warned.

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