Photo Exhibition “FICA – Vidas Caninas Interrompidas”

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The photography exhibition “FICA – Vidas Caninas Interrompidas” opened yesterday, September 23, at Praça do Sertório in Évora.

The exhibition resulted from work carried out by the company “Story Collectors” – Bruno Cardoso and Fábio Calisto, for the Évora City Council. There are about two dozen large-format photographs that depict some abandoned dogs that are housed in the Official Collection Center – Cattery Municipal de Évora Kennel.

In addition to publicizing the activity of the Official Collection Centre, the exhibition fulfills the objective of drawing attention to the problem of animal abandonment, while at the same time sensitizing residents to responsible adoption.

The inauguration, representing the City Council of Évora, was attended by the Mayor of Évora, Carlos Pinto de Sá, and Councilor Alexandre Varela.

The exhibition is on display at Praça do Sertório, in Évora, and can be visited until the 24th of October.

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