ACP Classics Rally promises one of the best editions ever

The 2023 edition of the ACP Classics Rally will take place next Saturday (September 16) and will bring together around 90 participants competing on the roads of Mafra and Torres Vedras.

With almost 90 teams registered, this year’s edition of the ACP Clássicos Rally provides another benchmark event for classic and neoclassic fans, in a race of historical regularity to be held next Saturday, in the municipalities of Mafra and Torres Vedras.

Starting near the Mafra National Palace, the route is 135 kilometers long and passes through some emblematic motorsport locations in Portugal, such as Gradil, Sobral de Abelheira, or Arruda dos Vinhos. Several cars of considerable historical and material value have already been confirmed in the field, some of them dating back to the 1950s, which face nine Regularity specials, distributed by Absolute Regularity, Figure, and Sectors. This event counts towards the ACP Clássicos Cup and accepts the registration of Future-Classics (vehicles manufactured between 1991 and 2001), as long as they are certified by ACP Clássicos.

The ACP Classics Rally is characterized by the beauty of the participating cars and the route’s scenery, as well as by the pace of the race (around 3h30 duration), in a format accessible to those who want to start in historically regular races and those who already have years of experience. In common, the participants have a taste for classic cars, an ideal topic for a convivial lunch at the end of the race, in Ericeira.

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