Zara will manufacture masks, gloves and protective gowns

Zara has returned to its origins and will, as it would have been at the beginning of the company, manufacture gowns. The difference is that these pieces will now only have sanitary use, says the newspaper El Mundo. The brand will also produce masks, gloves and other textile material needed to assist doctors and hospitals in the fight against the new coronavirus.

According to the Spanish newspaper, the entire logistics network of the Zara stores will have been made available to the Spanish government in order to meet any needs that may arise.

“We are exploring the ability to convert part of our textile production capacity into the production of sanitary material, for the purpose of which the Inditex production team is involved. In this sense, the possibility of manufacturing protective gowns in Spain has been identified, for the that it is necessary to make a series of sanitary adjustments and to confirm the availability of raw material “, says the Inditex group.

The commercial company will carry out at least one shipment per week of material that is requested. At this moment, 10,000 protective masks have already been donated and by the end of today, an additional 300,000 surgical masks are expected to be sent.

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