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“Dois + Dois” the comedy you shouldn’t miss

Teatro Villaret

The play “Dois + Dois” premiered yesterday at Teatro Villaret, in Lisbon, with Ana Cloe, Jessica Athayde, José Mata, and Miguel Raposo, in a solidarity rehearsal that contributed more than €3000 to CASA QUI, an institution that helps with inclusion and well-being being of the LGBTI population.

For the first time together on stage, the four actors play two couples of friends and partners, the woman in a clinic and men in a restaurant, where they question their relationship, love, fidelity, and the established rules.

©Joana Linda

Is it possible to keep the passion alive in long-term relationships? What happens to desire when a family is formed? Is love enough to keep a couple together? Is there only one way to understand fidelity? What are the new rules of marriage when traditional archetypes are outdated?” is questioned in the synopsis of the show.

A comedy staged and adapted by Miguel Thiré, inspired by the text by Daniel Cúparo and Juan Vera, to which no one present was indifferent, between laughter and applause, there were many times that the public manifested itself.

From Thursday to Saturday, at 9 pm, and on Sunday at 5 pm, don’t miss this excellent show by Força de Produção.

©Joana Linda

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