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Francisco Belo finishes in 16th place in the weight throw

Francisco Belo failed, this Tuesday, to qualify for the final of the throwing contest at the Tokyo Olympic Games, by not reaching the minimum necessary mark (21.20 meters) nor guaranteeing a place among the 12 first classified.

The Portuguese athlete recorded an initial zero throw, and a second of 20.58 meters, which would eventually be his final mark (giving him a provisional seventh place overall), since, in the third, he did not go beyond the 20.24 meters.

From the first group (where Benfica’s pitcher was inserted), the New Zealander Thomas Walsh (21.49 meters), the Brazilian Darlan Romani (21.31 meters) and the Egyptian Mostafa Amr Hassan ( 21.23 meters).

Francisco Belo had, therefore, to wait for the second group to unfold and hope that at most only four athletes would surpass his mark, which would not happen, so the ‘dream’ of marking a place came to an end. at the final.

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