Illustrator Ana Granado wins the Pingo Doce Children’s Literature Award

The fifth edition of the Pingo Doce Children’s Literature Award, the largest in Portugal, was won by Ana Granado, in the category of illustration, announced today to Jerónimo Martins.

The 30-year-old winner, with a degree in Painting from the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon, competed for the second time to illustrate the short story “O Narciso com Pelos no Nariz” by Andreia Penso Pereira, who won the text category this year , beginning now the phase of pagination and production of the book.

The author of the story and the illustrator will receive the prize of 50 thousand euros, to be shared by both.

The jury composed by André Letria, Paula Tavares, Jorge Silva, Jorge Nesbitt and Sara Miranda, highlighted “the high quality of the applications, which made the final choice difficult”, according to the organization’s award statement.

“Winning this award represents the fulfillment of the dream of being able to work in the area of ??illustration, after having thought of often giving up,” said Ana Granado, who competed under the pseudonym Romana, quoted in the same statement.

The book resulting from the fifth edition of the prize will be released in November, and will be on sale at the Pingo Doce chain stores.

According to the company, “the winning stories of the previous editions have already sold more than 70 thousand copies.”

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