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Portugal beats Italy to wins third world title

The Portuguese beach soccer team won the title of world champion this Sunday after beating Italy 6-4 in the final.

Having started to lose early in the opening minutes with a goal from Emmanuele Zurlo (six minutes), Mário Narciso’s side equalized in the first half through Léo Santos (8 ‘)

The national team entered determinedly in the second period and built a comfortable lead with two goals from Jordan Santos (18 minutes) and André Lourenço (18 ‘)

In the third and final period of the match, the Portugal team increased to four the difference in the scoring, with Jordan (26 minutes) and Léo Santos (28 minutes) to put the result 5-1.

Still, the Italians did not give up and scored two goals in a few minutes by Dario Ramacciotti (31 ‘) and Josep Jr Gentilin (31’) that complicated the Luso’s task but still did not prevent the victory of the national commanders.

Jordan Santos made a point of ending the doubts just two minutes from the end. The best player in the beach soccer world scored a free kick 35 minutes into the match and only finished in the back of the Italian net. The Transalpines still scored in the last seconds again for Ramacciotti, but only served as consolation.

The Portugal team thus wins the third world champion title in its history, having reached the scepter in 2001 in Brazil and 2015 in the Nazaré sands.

Italy were never champions, losing their second final after beating 5-3 in 2008 against Brazil.

This year, in addition to the title of World Champion, Portugal was European Champion and won the Gold Medal in the II European Games.

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